about repelica

Repelica was formulated by a group of designers with the desire to make quality products that put elevated design first. As creative professionals with a long history in the accessory and apparel market, we understand how important the art of design is so we sought to create timeless yet innovative products that are stylistically driven. What was born were bags and accessories with straightforward and clean aesthetics that we’ve refined, tested and put to work.

our mission

Repelica’s products are designed to protect and preserve while offering functionality through innovative, water resistant technology. In a world that’s rapidly changing, learning and growing one constant remains: the need for durability and sustainability. Our products are uniquely designed and motivated by the busy, creative lives we live.

We understand our customers are also creative, professional, and live to bring their vision to life. Our job is to ensure that happens. As technology evolves, so do the measures we take in keeping it alive. Our products keep going so you can, too.

the design process

The Japanese are seen as the world’s leader in technological advancements. Their methodical approach to innovation is unmatched by any other modern civilization in the world. These same merits of excellence run through Repelica’s DNA. Coming from a culture with an affinity for getting it right, hundreds of man-hours were poured into the design process before the first sample, of many, was even constructed.

form -function- innovation

These are the elements that set us apart; that make us different than any bag that’s come before us. Our goal behind everything we design is to make all the products we use everyday more functionally appealing. We’re not inventing the wheel, but reinventing it by using innovation and real life trial and error. Our drive to design lies in the desire to make things better, to solve problems and to create things we know no one can do like we can. Our formula is simple but necessary- you can’t have one element without the other.

brand identity

Repel:to drive away,fight off,cause aversion to

Our products hold what you hold dear even dearer by repelling outside elements from damaging your goods. Our logo is a clear representation of the protection our products  offer.The top is a defensive shield encasing the word Repelica,safeguarding it from the dot of the "i" which signinfies rain,dirt or anything that might hurt what's inside.

contact information

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